Friday, September 25, 2009

David Spiller's Pop Art

David Spiller has made a solid lifetime career from his "keen eye and ear for the lyrical phrases and comic book ephemera of popular culture". His iconic paintings synthesize the best of Americana, he admits, "The words just come. And sometimes they're pure Bob Dylan, and then a bit of me. But that's just because I've got a bad memory, as I've already said. If you can think of a way of saying "I love you' that hasn't already been said in a song by Dylan or the Beatles.. well, I'm not sure you can really improve on it - there's very little left to say".

Though I wouldn't think twice but to call what Spiller does Pop Art, it seems that he is not fond of that label, "it's not tough enough", said the artist. I would strongly disagree with that, Pop Art is our art, more people I know have Pop Art on their walls than Rembrandt's or Goya's. And Though you can argue that one is more accessible than the other, it's the art that is all around us, in our homes and on the streets, that sets the tone for our lives, so no I don't agree that Pop Art is "not tough enough". Pop Art is Tough!

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