Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Have so Much to give To You!..

"..So much love and heart and soul. So much caring. Everything that I have in me. I am not an empty vessel. I am brimming with passion and smiles and stories and pictures and romance. I want to break it, everything inside of me, into a million tiny pieces and wrap them up and give you one every day until you have all of them. All of me. I have never wanted anyone to have so much of me before. I have had parts of me taken, almost unwillingly. But I want you to have me. That is the difference. And I don’t mean sexually. That is the absolutely last thing on my mind when it comes to you. Yes, it’s on my mind, but it’s not the most important thing. I love you more than I can remember loving anything else. I could talk about you as much and as enthusiastically as I talk about any book that I love. I just — I just want you to love me back. And that might be too much to ask, and I’m sure it is but it’s all that I can think to ask. I believe that we could end up together. And we would stay together. It would be so easy. But maybe it’s good this way. Maybe something is going to come of it and we will all end up better off for it."

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