Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happiness, to me, is many things:

" I am truly happy when I am content with myself. Not my appearance, not my accomplishments, not my acquaintances- just me. I am truly happy when I discover something, or someone, that enthralls, enchants, and enamors me. Music, films, nature, and people do all of these things. I love the feeling of first discovering a band that sings everything I've ever wanted to speak, I love reading a book that makes me sincerely hopeful for the hero/heroine, instead of jealous, and I like watching a movie that changes my thought process, and takes me away from a world full of propaganda, lust, and grammatical errors. I like being prideful, but humble. I am happy when I'm in a car full of my closest friends, singing mockingly to the out-dated songs played on the radio; our hands out the window, our minds focused on that moment alone. I am happy when I'm stuck at home, playing party games with my family, laughing about ourselves. I am happy when realization strikes me unexpectedly...when I realize my life is short. I realize I possess talent. I realize that the daisies make me smile because they're happy, not because they're beautiful. I realize I can love with my whole heart without bitterness. I realize that I am significant...I realize my life is worth it! "

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